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The best time to upgrade your video conference room

If you’re wondering, is my business well equipped with technology trends right now? Or maybe you’re thinking of something more advanced to catch up with the pace of global markets. Well, you are not alone here! Everyone is looking for the most up-to-date, efficient and flawless tools and techniques to make the business shine with flying colors! When it comes to video conferencing, the speed of technology transformation is even greater. Since it is directly related to communication; Degraded systems lead to poor interaction and coordination that eventually affect the business. Degraded productivity and inefficient services don’t take long to sink businesses in today’s world. Participating in a video conference has to be incredibly natural, as if you were entering a conversation in real time from a remote location. The session should run smoothly and without technological errors. However, if you find it difficult due to the exact reason why video conferencing solutions are not keeping up with the pace, it is time for you to think about upgrading or changing your VC room. Here are some essential signs that indicate the best time to upgrade your video conference room:

1. It takes more than 2 minutes to start a meeting. walk into your video conference room and assume you don’t have any tech savvy. Is your computer or device as simple as a smartphone to use? People tend to avoid video conferencing if the system is too complicated to understand. Participants are often afraid of high-end technology that is not easy to use, as it feels like idiocy to sit in front of something that cannot be operated properly. Your video conferencing system must be familiar with the people who assist it. Slower broadband connections or poor connectivity with data transmission is a headache. All these technological obstacles delay the meeting which annoys the participants since their time is a waste. If you’re having trouble even after running a rehearsal when everything went normal, your video conference room definitely needs a quick update.

2. Nobody is willing to use it. Just because you’ve installed a video conferencing device, no one is going to use it unless they find it worthy. If you are not able to collaborate as a team and generate quality connections with remote employees; it’s no use. Still, if you insist on using existing technology instead of renovating it, people will completely lose interest in it. All configuration will be left unused and will become a mere responsibility of the company. It is the time when you have to sell it or discard it and go for a new one that is compatible with today’s requirements.

3. Your technology is betraying meetings. Are you fiddling with adapters, cables, display, and remotes over and over again? Do you witness conference calls continually dropping off? It might be the best time to replace your old technology with the newer, faster video conferencing device setup. The camera, the audiovisual capture equipment used in today’s video conferencing are of HD quality that allow you to capture minute details. However, if your system is recording poor images and degraded sounds, it is a huge disappointment that leaves a terrible impression on the participants. Poor images consist of different types such as blurry or distorted images, shaky movements, etc. Degraded sound quality includes hollow sound, echoes, line noise, background noise, etc. My advice is to quickly install an updated one consisting of the latest software and hardware integration.

4. Employees have difficulty using Imagine that you need hours of time to prepare a video conferencing setup where you need to connect multiple cables with multiple devices, perform all the settings manually with the camera, audio and video recorders, change the settings for the display and other encoders, and more. There will be no more complicated scenario than this! In fact, you must have the system that even a non-specialist would find easy to use. It should be as simple as picking up a smartphone and starting a video call. It should integrate well with your work calendar or scheduling software that will automatically remind you about a webinar or conference call. If there are hundreds of switches and various buttons on the device that need to be manually adjusted or operated, a person is likely to be disturbed.

5. Your team size is growing If your company’s workforce is growing rapidly and you are willing to provide flexibility for employees to stay connected from anywhere at any time, you need the best video conferencing system that provides seamless audiovisual connectivity. Engaging people in a conversation from multiple locations isn’t fair enough when it comes to up-to-date video conferencing devices. In fact, all meeting participants must be able to communicate in real time, albeit from virtually remote locations. All of them must have solid connectivity regardless of internet speed. If your team is tremendous, it is mandatory for workers to connect with each other to make urgent and important business decisions. Therefore, always go for a video conferencing solution provider that can meet your growing requirements.

Ultimately, you should opt for conferencing solutions that help optimize your productivity in various business operations. Wireless presentations and excellent connectivity in remote locations have eased work pressure and improved work efficiency for employees, benefiting businesses more than ever. Connecting and communicating with customers, clients or partners has become extraordinarily convenient and fast.


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